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I just recently started using doTerra’s essential oils and I am so impressed.  I used to think that essential oils were strictly for hippies.  As I have started using them and researching about the essential oils, I have become more and more convinced of their utility.  I have used them for a number things from cleaning, to relaxation, to toe fungus (sorry that’s gross….) and also medicinally.  Now’s a good time to say that I am absolutely not against  modern medicine or doctors!  I just feel that as a society we are over medicated.  Ok, moving on.  Last weekend we went to Mexico City and I definately wanted to take advantage of the opprtunity to travel with essential oils!

Most every time I travel I get sick :(.  We spend a lot of time and money to go on vacation and getting sick totally sucks all of the fun out of the trip!  I get sick because I typically end up sleep deprived and my immune system becomes compromised so I start to feel bad.  Sometimes it happens during the trip and sometimes when I get home.  But, this time.  Oh, this time, I didn’t get sick at all.  I even felt more energized than normal.  I can’t say that 100% for sure, without a doubt that the oils prevented me from getting sick, but I do think they played a big part!

I was absolutely sleep deprived from the very first day (our flight left at 6:00AM!) and we took advantage of every second in Mexico City so I really never caught up on rest until I got home. Before leaving home I prepared a small bottle of  On Guard spray (On Guard, coconut oil, and water) which I used on my hands several times a day.  I dunno.  I never got sick (which is a first!) and I used On Guard frequently (which is a first!).  Coincidence?  You decide.

I also had the opportunity to bust out the Past Tense and Lavender oil when Pako was driving in the bumper-to-bumber-to-bumper-to-bumper (X 1000) traffic.  He was getting really anxious and stressed.  I applied the Past Tense to his neck and let him smell the lavender off of my hands.  Again, I can’t say for certain that the oils were the thing that calmed him down.  But he relaxed pretty quickly after using the oils despite the traffic remaining the same.

On another occasion my mother-in-law started to feel some discomfort in her stomach.  She applied some DigestZen and soon felt better.  I was very thankful that I was traveling with essential oils!

Now, here’s a little snapshot of the FUN that we had in Mexico City.  We had 4 jam-packed days and did a lot of eating, sightseeing,eating, time with family and eating.  Did I mention that we ate a lot?  See for yourself!


So here are Pako and my MIL enjoying some barbacoa on the side of the highway.  Because, why not eat on the side of the highway?

imageOne of my all time favorite snacks is elote.  Like many Mexican snacks, this elote was purchased on the side of the road.  Elote is Spanish for corn on the cob.  When they serve them on the sidewalk, they rub lime on them, mayonaise, cheese and chile (I opted out of the chile).  Delish!  (And please excuse my scary eyes.  I was really into that elote!)

imageDon Toño.  Yum.  Some of the best pozole can be found here at La Casa de Toño. It was during this meal that Pako and I realized that the restaurant was actually called La Casa de Toño and not Don Toño.  I had been living a lie!


imageThis is the Mexico City zócalo (city center).  Every winter the government puts out a FREE ice skating rink.  We’ve skated before but spent hours waiting in line.  I wonder how much it actually costs to keep the thing frozen when it’s 70* outside…


Here’s a different angle of the zócalo, and this time with the lights on!  I don’t think the tree was completely ready yet.  We never saw it light up.

imagePako had a great idea to go on the Cathedral Bell Tower tour!  I’m being totally sarcastic, because the staircases were narrow, it was dark, and there were no lights!  I was shaking a lil.

tamal con rajas y quesoI have yet to find my favorite kind of tamal here in Texas: tamal con rajas y queso.  It has little strips of pepper and lots of melted cheese.  Amen.

tortaLast, but absolutely not least: the torta.  Quite possibly one of my favorite Mexican street foods.  Subway’s got nothing on the torta.  This thing is loaded with breaded flank steak, avocado, chipotle, tomatoes, pineapple, and melted cheese.  The bread is slightly toasted.  Oh, and it costs about $3.  I am a huge fan of the torta. 

So, there you have it.  Mexico City in 4 days and I’m feeling better than ever!  I was so thankful to be able to enjoy the trip without getting sick.  We had a blast and ate to our hearts’ content.  From now on, I will always be traveling with essential oils!



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